Professional Social Marketing

Professional Social Marketing


As most everyone nowadays is familiar with social networking – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google+, it is important that you plan a professional social strategy to reach customers looking for what you can offer across these platforms. & it can be very tedious maintaining profiles across all these platforms, as Drogheda Web Design are well aware, so we have devised a solution – link Twitter to Facebook so when you post content to Facebook it automatically shares on Twitter, which can then be linked to post to your website. This way Twitter runs completely automated alongside your professional Facebook profile, requiring no maintenance whatsoever while also providing fresh, dynamic content to your website – attracting extra customers & keeping them engaged without maintaining all three.


We can also bring your Twitter posts to your website, so it automatically shares them there. & we can also bring your Facebook galleries & comment streams over to your website when a customer clicks an image on your site (example here), prime for sharing & reaching that wider audience. Again, minimising your social network profile maintenance.


We can also find email lists of 1000s of potential customers interested in services or products you have to offer & import these lists to send max 50 friend requests per hour via Facebook (linked to Twitter, then back to your website), &/or circa 400 HTML email templates per hour (with click monitoring installed to gauge opens).


Many solutions, & you may be surprised at just what can be achieved with Drogheda Web Design. Get in touch to find out how we can help.


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