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Top 10 on Google, Bing & Yahoo. Viewable on all devices & OS/Browser combos.


  • Drogheda eCommerce Solutions

    Drogheda eCommerce Solutions - Drogheda Web Design create capabilities to your specifications comprising shopping cart with basket linked to a Paypal account which automatically delivers payment to your bank account upon completed purchase. You can interact with any customer queries via SMS or phone email, if you like. You just pop it in the post when you get that email, forwarded to an account of your choice. In conjunction with Drogheda Web Design's Responsive website design (so your website adapts to display on ALL screen sizes & devices) & Top 5 SEO Guarantee, we ensure that your online store is created with the best possible head start. The platform we use is also extremely conducive towards future expansion, social sharing & user comments to turn it into your very own shopping social network. Any idea you have can be implemented at a future date due to how your eCommerce/Online store will be created. Our platform also automatically translates your website's language & calculates VAT & Tax specific to countrywide region you wish to target after prior keyword research during which we find where on the planet people are Googling what you want to sell. Drogheda Web Design - we make the seemingly impossible... possible.  

  • Pay Per Click SEO - Professional AdWords Campaigns

    Web and SEO Advertising Professional Drogheda Web Design (Niall Hussey) can create professional AdWords pay-per-click advertising campaigns for your website & ensure your advertisement shows number 1. It is recommended to include a combination of expert web design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & pay-per-click ad campaigns to ensure your customer finds you ahead of your competitor. Some customers will trust your brand more if it's presented to them via an advertisement, others prefer the organic search results as they feel they're finding you of their own accord (through Search Engine Optimisation, however, your target location, keyword & search volumes related + competing pages already ranking Top 10 will have been prior researched & your websites code adapted to ensure you are actually finding them).   Get in touch with Web and SEO Advertising Professional Drogheda Web Design (Niall Hussey) & I'll soon be in touch to help. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.  

  • Responsive Web Design

    Responsive web design ensures your website layout adjusts, or adapts, to suit the screen size of whatever device you're viewing the website on, be it mobile, desktop, laptop, tablet, etc - saving you the costs of having to get separate websites designed to suit each platform. We also adhere to the latest web design standards, ensuring that your website will view accurately on ALL modern Operating System & Web Browser combinations. In conjunction with our SEO guarantee of your site appearing Top 5 on Google, Bing AND Yahoo for at least 3 keywords related to your business Drogheda Web Design ensure that you are prepared in the best possible way to attract as wide an audience as possible. & hog all your competitors' customers in the process! Get in touch ASAP to be added to Drogheda Web Design's waiting list. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

  • Drogheda SEO Expert - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    SEO expert - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the science of getting your website to rank as high as possible on Search Engines (eg. Google, Bing, Yahoo) for a target keyword related to the product or service you wish to attract an audience to. The higher the ranking, the more customers you can expect to find your website. The beauty of expert SEO is that your customer is finding you for search terms related to what you want them to find you for, & that they are generally of the opinion they are finding your website of their own accord. Also, the higher your website on search rankings the more customers you are stealing from your competitors ranked below you! For all new websites, Drogheda Web Design guarantee you bare minimum Top 5 placings on Google, Bing & Yahoo - the 3 most popular Search Engines in Ireland. & if you already have a website we can guarantee improvements in your Search Engine Rankings Position (SERP). We achieve these results by including dynamic content, social linking & adhering to the latest web design standards, among many other factors, in conjunction with extensive research of the pages currently ranking Top 10 for the keyword & mimicking before ultimately improving upon their particular on & off-site SEO expert implementation strategies.  

  • Website Repair & Improvements

    Website Repair? If you are unhappy with any aspect of your existing website Drogheda Web Design can help with expert website repair, as achieved on Alleagues.com, helping the project become a major success in just the nick of time.   No job is too daunting & we have been informed on recent projects that customers had been told a certain concept or feature was impossible by local competitors, or implemented incorrectly only for Drogheda Web Design to provide a solution & help make the project a viability. We have the qualifications, knowledge, experience, access to vast knowledge-bases of contemporaries & determination to render any so-called impossibility viable. Try us!    

  • Professional Social Marketing

    As most everyone nowadays is familiar with social networking, be it Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google+, it is important that you plan a strategy to reach customers looking for what you can offer across these platforms via professional social marketing. & it can be very tedious maintaining profiles across all these platforms, as Drogheda Web Design are very aware, so we have devised a solution - link your website to them, link Twitter to Facebook so when you post content it automatically shares on both & bring your entire website over to Facebook. This way Twitter runs completely automated alongside your professional Facebook profile, requiring no maintenance whatsoever & attracting Followers without doing a tap! We can also bring your Twitter posts to your website, so it automatically shares them there. & we can also bring your Facebook galleries & comment streams over to your website when a customer clicks an image on your site, prime for sharing & reaching that wider audience. Again without you having to do a tap! We can also find email addresses of 1000s of potential customers interested in services or products you have to offer & send them friend requests &/or max 400 HTML email templates per hour (with tracking installed to monitor opens). Many solutions, & you may be surprised at just what can be achieved with Drogheda Web Design. Get in touch ASAP to be added to our waiting list. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.  

Drogheda Web Design Work To The Latest Industry Standards

Our websites are adapt to display across all devices with Top 10 on Google, Bing & Yahoo guaranteed.

Drogheda Web Design's websites are created with Responsive design, which means the layout adapts to suit all devices & screen sizes - mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet & all combinations of modern Operating System & Web Browser versions. This means you save future costs on developing different versions of your website to suit these devices. We also use the very latest coding standards, giving you a major advantage in Search Engines over your competitors & ensuring that your website will still work across all devices & sustain it's healthy Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) for many years to come.